All American Sweater




Leather Jacket Persian Lamb Collar

Leather Jacket w/Persian Lamb Collar

Who remembers the ‘All American Sweater‘? At least that what it was called in my neighborhood. It was a favorite of my older brother. I can remember wearing it with a pair of Lee jeans, blue Playboys, and a pair of Bamboo shades! That’s right… I said, “bamboo” shades. They were actually made out of bamboo, and my brother (deceased, God bless him), brought them back from Vietnam. Cool, huh? Yeah, I know it is. It was definitely about looking ‘fly’ back then. We weren’t rich, and there were many clothing items that I’m sure we shouldn’t have had, but Mom always found a way. I can recall one day, when I was given enough money to buy an outfit and I came back with just one, single piece; a leather jacket with a persian lamb collar!! The jack only came up to my waiste, and it was actually yellow. Now, you know Mom was upset with me, right, but when I tried to return it I was told that it was a sale item and there were NO returns!! Consequently, I had to go home and tell my mother I was stuck with it because it was on sale and could not be returned. I was in Junior High School, 14 years old and definitely not too old to get a slipper up side my head, which is exactly what happened. But, I did get to keep the jacket, persian lamb collar and all. Great times!!