About The Clothes Zone

My name is L. Edward Robinson, but most folks simply call me EZ Ed. I’ve been into stylish clothes since I was an adolescent. Remember bell bottoms, Blye sweaters, alligator and lizard shoes, silk/sharkskin pants, playboy shoes, all american sweaters, just to name a few!! If you’re from New York, you have to remember Phil Kronfeld’s, Leiton’s, A.J. Lester? Well, a great deal of those styles are still around, at places like DAPPER DAN’S, who continues the New York style legacy. I remember listening to Eddie Harris’ electric sax (if I was in the mood for jazz), or Smokey and the Miracles singing OOH, Baby, Baby, while getting dress to go to the COOP on Sutphin Blvd. Or, maybe the Cheetah in Manhattan! Feel me? Great times, no doubt. Well, now we’re in 2015 and although times have changed tremendously, many styles seem to return, again and again. Within the pages of this blog, TheClothesZone.com, we will talk about those styles that have returned, albeit a little different, new styles, and so on. I invite anyone who may have photos of past styles to please let me know and we can include them here. I hope to get to know you real soon. Thank you.