JAZZ – Listen Here by Eddie Harris

Every once in awhile, you will find different types of music on this site, because, just like the clothing styles, music like this Jazz tune here, fits right in with my frame of mind, baby. Oh yeah!!  Subsequently, I’ve included some jazz here for your listening pleasure. It’s a guarantee that outstanding music of all genres will be found within the pages of The Clothes Zone blog for the duration. I mean, think about it. Many times you get dressed to kill, you know, put on those beautiful threads–to go out and listen to some slick music…right? If it’s Jazz, then you put on something smooth. Smooth like my man Eddie here, in the picture below, with the white turtleneck, suede jacket, and his axe–it gets no better. As a matter of fact, check back here in a week or so, and I’ll have some cool cats that will be playing at the BLUE NOTE in Manhattan, New York listed here. Why? Simple… why not? Spread the joy, man.

Now, when you come here, don’t always expect to see & hear just Jazz folks. Naw, there’ll be some more Jazz folks, and also some Soul folks. Some Blues folks. Some Rock folks. Most of the tunes we listen to today all come from the BLUES anyway. How did Muddy (the Cat playing Muddy, that is) say it in ‘Cadillac Records’? “Rock is just the Blues, sped  up”. I have to agree. What about you.

Anyway, I’ll be back and hope that you will, too. See you soon.

So click, listen… and ENJOY!!